Mahmoud Shokoko’s 102nd Birthday Google Doodle

Mahmoud Shokoko’s 102nd Birthday Google Doodle was presented on Google homepage landed in Egypt on 1 May 2014. Shokoko, the Egyptian actor born in the year 1912,  was honored by search giant with this animated doodle.

Mahmoud Shokoko's 102nd Birthday Google Doodle
Mahmoud Shokoko’s 102nd Birthday Google Doodle(May 1, 2014)

Google doodle is given a black and white shade to make it perfect for star of black and white era of films. At center of Google Doodle, you can see dance performance on stage with little dance movements in GIF and Google logo included at wall behind background dancers.

Puppet character ‘Aragouzsho’ made Shokoko famous worldwide. Shokoko started his acting career at the age of 23 with small dance performance in marriage functions and troupes. Shokoko’s first movie was out in he year 1945, ‘Al Sabar Tayeb’. This move was a break through in Shokoko’s career.

Anbar, Waheeba Malket Al-gajar, Al Majd, Amirat Hobby Ana are some other famous movies he acted in. Most of then was in period of 1940’s to 1960’s .Shokoko have also worked with the troupes Mohammed 6 and Hassan 2 Al Maghrabi primarily before entering to the film industry.

Google have changed its logo previously also to honor legendary actors and artist. This Google Doodle for Shokoko added up fame and prestige of this talent actor and made world remember him on his 102nd birthday. He died on 13 February 1985 in Egypt.