Install Magna Carta Application and gets Jay-Z album for free

The leadership of Korean Electronics giant Samsung is because they have a keen vision on what the customers exactly wants. Now Samsung provide a golden opportunity for the Galaxy users. Install Magna Carta Application on your Samsung device and gets Jay-Z album for free.

Magna Carta applicationShawn Knowles-Carter or Jay-Z is one of the most successful American musicians. He consistently ranked to top position to world’s most great rappers of all time. Jay-Z new album Magna Carta Holy Grail will get release in next month. All music lovers around the world eagerly waiting for that release. Anyone who owns with Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SIV or Galaxy Note can get this album for free by installing Magna Carta application from Google Play.

Magna Carta application and Jay-Z album

Samsung partnered with Jay-Z to give this golden opportunity for the music lovers. The free Magna Carta album will get for the users who download and install the application and share it to social networking sites. Sharing means the story line and other details about the album. In such a way the album gets good promotion. The first million users who download and install this application will get the free album on July 4th. That is three days before the official release of Magna Carta album.

The partnership between Samsung and Jay-Z have well planned target. By take an analysis we can understand that Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SIV and Galaxy Note II are top hit Samsung devices since 2012. In such a way partnership with Samsung turns an excellent promotion for Magna Carta album. Also 1 million copies of album easily gets sell. The same promotion will get for Samsung also. Their Galaxy line device gets even more popularized.