Google Lunar New Year Doodle 2014 South Korea

Google have published three separate doodles on 31 January 2014 to celebrate Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. Though both the celebration seems to be same, it is known in different names in different places.

Google Lunar New Year Doodle 2014 South Korea
Google Lunar New Year Doodle 2014 South Korea(January 31, 2014)

Lunar New Year doodle was published in South Korea. Doodle included feasting as the theme of it. It’s common the people come to their hometown for the celebration of Lunar New Year and to have a feast together with entire family. In Google Lunar New Year doodle 2014, we can see a lovely family sitting together and having new year feast. Design of the table in the Google doodle is done with Google logo colors.

As in the doodle, feasting is an important part of celebration that starts on the first day of lunar calender, in 2014 it’s on 31st January. South Korea usually have three day celebration for new year while in China it’s 15 day celebration. It was in China and other countries celebrating Lunar New Year, Google came up with an animated doodle giving prominence to the horse year.

Third doodle for celebrating the day was in Vietnam. In the Vietnam doodle for the celebration of New it was ‘Horse’ the major element. The entire doodle is designed with a red horse. As 2014 is known to be the Horse year according to the zodiac cycle, celebrations of the day is also associates horse and we can see decorations of horse around. Google have published Lunar New Year doodles in these countries previous year also.