Lunar New Year 2009 Google Doodle decorated in red color

Lunar New Year celebrations are very popular in China and neighboring countries. It is according to the Lunisolar calendar Lunar New Year is celebrated all around the world. It’s also known by the name Spring Festival or beginning of year.

Lunar New Year 2009 Google Doodle
Lunar New Year 2009 Google Doodle (January 26, 2009)

Many counties celebrate January 1st as the New Year day and celebrate with grant programs. In the countries where Lunar New Year taken as the beginning of the year, celebrations are at the best on this day.

In Lunar New Year 2009 Google Doodle we can see the logo decorated with red color, the color with is associated with the message of the day. There are many legends behind the red color relation with the celebration of the day. In the doodle on the home page we can see the picture of red bull replaced Google logo character. The entire Lunar New Year 2009 Google Doodle is given a red back ground color to show the relation of the color in the celebration of the day.

Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance[Image Credit :zimbio]
Apart from China many other countries also celebrate Lunar New Year festival in a grant way. Chinese Dragon dance are common in this days celebrations.  Giving special gifts, toys, cleaning houses, decorating houses with red colored papers and glittering papers.

It is believed that people is putting this red glittering papers on the doors of the houses to run away Nian, the beast who comes to eat crops, food and children. In ancient legend it’s told that, Nian is afraid of red color and didn’t come near children who wore red color. So in all houses people started putting red colored clothes and papers. Thus red became the color of celebration of Lunar New Year Day.

People usually wear red dresses for the celebration of the day.It lasts for fifteen days and people enjoy with all celebrations on these days. There many other festivals also related with this Lunar New Year. Google also became the part of the celebration with this special Lunar New Year doodle.

Traditional dances, competitions, customs and prayer will take place everywhere on this celebration days. This one of the longest celebrated festival of the year in those countries. Evey year Google comes up with Lunar New Year doodle to make the  celebration better and to share the happiness.