Lunar New Year 2007 Google Doodles

Google published Lunar New Year 2007 Google Doodle in its homepage on February 17th and February 18th.  It was in Brunei, Hong Kong, China and Singapore Google published this doodle on 17th February of 2007. On the very next the doodle appeared on the home page landed on Canada, South Korea, United States, Taiwan, Vietnam and in few other countries also.  It’s quite common scene that special doodles appears on the Google home page on special days.

Lunar New Year 2007 Google Doodles
Lunar New Year 2007(February 17, 2007)

Lunar New Year 2007-Google Doodle (February 17, 2007)

In the doodle appeared on the home page of February 17th and 18th we can see the picture of pigs instead of Google ‘o’ alphabets. There are many beliefs in China regarding the celebration of Lunar New Year. Every year is dedicated to some animals and likewise 2007 was the year special dedicated for pigs. There are many legends in China relating to the selection of animals in the Zodiac Cycle.

Lunar New Year is also known by the name Chinese New Year. It’s on China the best celebrations take place. It is a fifteen day lasting celebrations in       China. On every day people follow several customs. According to what we can see these fifteen days of the year is the most enjoyed days in the year by the people over there.

Many special dishes will be prepared on these days to make the days special. Apart from celebration this is time when people join together with the family and friends to be together. Many traditional dance like dragon dance and lion dance takes place on the streets on this days. On the places where Lunar New Year is celebrated people clean their houses and decorate with many beautiful things to welcome good fortune.

As Lunar New Year is a long lasting celebration which lasts for more than fifteen days many other festivals are also related to this. Laba rice festival and Lantern festival are the prominent festivals which are closely related to the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Lunar New Year 2007-Google Doodle (Feb 18, 2007)

Pig is the 12th Zodiac Cycle. On the Google doodle we can see the picture of little pigs running on behind the other. The addition of pig in the doodle symbolizes concept of Zodiac Cycle for animals followed in China. One of the legend behind the Lunar New Year celebration says that the adoption of animals for each year in the zodiac cycle was began after a running race by Jade Emperor.

Legend says that it was the rat reached the end point first in the race. Thus rat became the first animal in the zodiac cycle. Behind rat other 11 animals reached the finishing point. In that its said that pig was the one who reached at the finishing point in the last place as a 12th place holder. Thus pig became the animal of 12thzodiac cycle.  This Chinese legend also says that it’s by cheating cat rat won the race and that is the reason for the enmity of cat and rat.

Lunar New Year 2007(Feb 18, 2007)

The main celebrations of the day start from the morning by wishing elders in house. Children in the house gifts in red envelops on the day from elders. Cards covered in the red envelops are given to the friends and relatives on this day to share the happiness of bright future ahead. Red is the color which is associated with the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Everywhere we can see red colored decorations with balloons, decorative papers and lights. People usually wear red outfits on the day to walk around. The entire Lunar New Year season will be colorful with celebrations, special customs and traditions. Lunar New Year celebrations ends after the long fifteen days of fun and joy. Apart from fun and celebration it’s the day to bind the family and friends together. Google wished all the places where New Year blossomed with this doodles on the homepage on 2007.