Lunar New Year 2006 Google Doodle

Lunar New Year 2006 Google Doodle on January 31, 2006 was released by Google. People celebrate this occasion with variety of sports, games, art competitions such as dance competition etc.

Lunar New Year 2006 Google Doodle
Lunar New Year 2006 (January 31, 2006)

According to lunar calendar or a lunisolar calendar Lunar New Year is the beginning of next year. Most of the countries all around the world follows the Gregorian calendar. Sometimes the Lunar New Year and the actual New Year may falls on the same date.

In the Lunar New Year 2006 Google Doodle , we can see the incluson of picture of dog holding red paper. Inclusion of the image of dog points to the year of dog.

The Chinese New Year, Japanese New Year, Korean New year, Mongolian New Year, Tibetan New Year and Vietnamese New Year etc… are determined by Lunar Calendar. Lunar Calendar follows the lunar phase and contains twelve lunations or synodic months.Usually this celebration is considered as Chinese New Year which will last for 15 days.

Lunar New Year Celebration
Lunar New Year Celebration [Image Credit :]
Chine New Year is also celebrated with more joy and colorfulness as any other New Year celebrations. It is a chance for family to gather together.

Lunar NewYear occassion is considered as official holiday in China. The main attraction of the celebration is special dishes that are prepared and the meal during the New Year celebration has greater specialty.

Lantern and LabaFestivals are the celebrations that is relatedLunar NewYear. As per the custom Chinese people keep their surroundings clean and tight. Because clean surroundings are considered as symbol of good fortune.

As red color is considered as symbol of joy, fun and happiness Chinese people wear red color costumes during celebration.

Lion Dance and Dragon dance are performed by Chinese people in streets as a part of celebration.