Lunar New Year 2005 Korea Google Doodle

Lunar New Year is known by the name Seolnal in Korea. Koreans celebrate the day similarly to the celebrations in China. On 9th February of 2005 Google published Seolnal special doodle in Korean Google homepage. Google published a similar doodle on 8th of February 2005 in China and neighboring nations. They celebrated the Lunar New year on 8th February of 2005 and Koreans on 9th February. Google doodle published on 9th February in Korea was similar to that published in China a day before.

Lunar New Year 2005 Korea Google Doodle
Lunar New Year 2005 Korea(February 9, 2005)

There are many similarities in the celebrations in Korea and China in Lunar New Year celebration.  So inclusion of rooster and lantern tied on bamboo in Lunar New Year 2005 Korea Google Doodle  is also relevant to convey message of the day. In Korea there is a custom of rooster year observance. Rooster year comes ones in every twelve years. There are many beliefs in Korea based on the celebration of rooster year. Trust worthy, brave, confident, romantic, proud md motivated are some of the titles decorated by people who were born on rooster year.

Lunar New Year is celebrated on first new moon of the year. It’s a public holiday in Korea. As it’s a holiday people over there celebrate it together with Great Spirit and spark. This is one of the best celebrations of Korea.  Koreans follow many special traditional customs to make the day grand. Main custom is to observe special prayer for ancestors who passed away from them in recent years. Koreans move to their worship places on this day for doing special rituals.

Korean Rice Cake
Korean Rice Cake
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In Korea it’s a three days celebration. Special sports, arts and game competitions are held on Korea in these days. Yut and kite flying competition are common among them. These competitions make the day colorful in Korea.

Children will make special bows and give to their parents on this day to show their honor and gratitude towards them. Parents in return will special gifts to their children in fortune pouch. It quite common seen in Korea to see children wishing their grandparents on this day.

Lunar New Year is day in Korea when people rethink about their past life and take new resolution for eliminating the bad and capturing the good.  Koreans follow special dressing style on this day. Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress that Korean people wear on this day.

There are many special dishes prepared in Korean families on this day. Soup with rice cake sliced in to it known by the name Tteokguk is the main Korean dish that they toast on. Lunar New Year celebration is similar to their birthday celebrations for Koreans.  Korean New Year celebrations are also associated with Tibetan New Year, Vietnamese New Year, Chinese New Year and Japanese New Year celebrations.

Koreans show great importance for celebrations on Lunar New Year as it similar to their birth day. As it is a public holiday it’s treated as picnic and party day by Koreans. The way of celebrations that we can see in Korea on this day Show how important in the day for Koreans.