Lunar New Year 2004 Google Doodle with playing monkeys

According to certain calendars Lunar New Year is the beginning of the next year. The calendars such as lunar calendar or a lunisolar calendar is based on that. All around the world most of the countries follow the Gregorian calendar.

Lunar New Year 2004 Google Doodle
Lunar New Year 2004 Google Doodle (January 20, 2004)

Usually Chinese New Year is an alternative name used for Lunar New Year. The New Year celebration will last almost 15 days. Google released a Google doodle on the occasion of Chinese New Year on January 24. Lunar New Year 2004 Google Doodle is another funny doodle released by Google. The celebrations includes variety of sports, games, art competitions such as dance competition etc…

As in any other New Year celebration Chinese New Year is also celebrated with great fun and in a colorful manner. Lunar New Year is considered as official holiday in China and is the occasion when people can gather together in a family. Special dishes are the main attraction of family celebration which add spicy texture to the celebration.

Lunar New Year celebration in China
Lunar New Year celebration in China [Image Credit : ]
The other celebrations associated with Lunar New Year celebration are Lantern and Labra Festivals.Google also have came up with Lantern Festival doodles and Laba rice festival doodles in previous years. They have certain believes and customs that are followed in this special day.

Lunar New Year day they keep their surroundings clean and tight. According to their believe clean surroundings are considered as a symbol of good fortune. They wear red color dress and it is the main color of the celebration due to its attractive nature. Red is considered as the symbol of joy, fun and happiness.

In this season special Lion Dance and Dragon dance are performed by Chinese people in streets. The traditional dance forms are performed in the streets in colorful costume to attract people.