Lunar New Year 2003 Google Doodle

On Lunar New Year 2003 Google came up with a special doodle. Doodle was specially designed to share the happiness and wishes of the day. Lunar New Year is also referred as the Chinese New Year. It’s in China the main celebrations takes place on this day.

Lunar New Year 2003 Google Doodle
Lunar New Year 2003(January 31, 2003)

Google doodle on this day included the picture of a sheep, confetti and Chinese alphabet which represents New Year. Lunar New Year is the most celebrated festival of China. Chinese people celebrate this festival in a grand way. It’s known as the spring festival in China. Lunar New Year marks the end of winter season in China.  Festival begins on the first day of the year and ends on the fifteenth day of the month. Lunisolar calendar determines the day for celebration every year. In 2003 it was on 31st January.

Lunar New Year celebration is the longest celebration in china. It lasts for fifteen day. Chinese people follow some customs and traditions on each day of celebration. Celebrations start from the mid night of first day. First day is dedicated for welcoming the deities of earth and heaven. There are special lion dance and dragon dance performance to make the celebrations of the day colorful. The people over there believe that this can drive out bad spirits from their surroundings.

Second day also includes many celebrations in China. On this day married daughters of the family come back to their home to visit their parents. There is also a tradition in China that unemployed people and beggars visit the houses with picture of God. It is a symbol of luck in China and people will reward them with lucky money in China. Third celebrations mainly focus on praying and visiting temples. It’s believed that this day is not good for family visits. Likewise on every day of festival some customs are followed by Chinese people. Different cultural people follow different traditions for the celebrations.

Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance[ Image Credit]
Reunion dinner is the most significant and important tradition takes place in the festival season. This custom is to bind the family together. It increases the unity of the family. We know a family that a family that eats together, live together and pray together is he happy family. Special dishes are cooked in the Chinese families on the Lunar New Year day for feasting. The dishes include fish, meat, pork and special cakes.

Chinese Laba rice festival, Lantern festival is also associated to Lunar New Year. Chinese people clean their houses on this season and decorate it with red glittering papers. According to the Chinese belief red symbolizes joy and happiness and cleaning of house symbolizes the driving out of bad fortunes.

There is also tradition of wearing red costumes on this day in China. Market places will be crowded with people busy in New Year shopping. We can see many decorative item, flowers with good fortune wishes and lucky chains in the shops of China. There is a custom of wishing the elders in the family by children on the early morning of this day in China. They wish the elders usually parents and grandparents in the family long life and receive many gifts in red envelops.

People all over celebrates this festival season by sharing gifts, fun and merry making. Google also took part in the celebration by publishing this special doodle.