Dragon Lunar New Year 2001 Google Doodle

Lunar New Year day is the most celebrated holiday for Chinese people. Lunar New Year 2001 Google Doodle with dragon was published on Google for celebration of New Year.

Dragon Lunar New Year 2001 Google Doodle
Lunar New Year (January 24, 2001)

Lunar New Year is also called as Spring Festival in China. Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese people in the best way with dance, music and fun. Lunar New Year symbolizes the end of winter season.

In 2001 the day was  24th January. Google also took part in the New Year celebration. It was by Dragon Lunar New Year 2001 Google Doodle  , Google woke up on that day. Lunar New Year Doodle was released globally. As the major celebrations were on China doodle was designed with a Chinese outlook. It consisted the pictures of firecrackers, Chinese wordings and snake.

The spring festival celebrated in China begins on the 1st day of first month and ends on fifteenth day. The ending day of spring festival is celebrated as lantern festival. This day is a family day for Chinese people. Most of the people celebrate the day with their family and friends. It is the lunisolar calendar which determines the date for Lunar New Year every year.

There are various traditions and customs that Chinese people follow on Lunar New Year day. People will buy gifts, clothes, decorative materials, flowers to make the day as well as year colorful. People celebrate the day by feasting and partying together. The main food items that served on that day include roasted chicken, pig, duck and sweets.

On the Lunar New Year day people in China clean their houses and decorate it with red glittering papers .Cleaning the house symbolizes the sweep out of bad fortune. In the New Year morning children in the house wishes the elders and receive gifts and money from them in red envelops .

Dragon dance and lion dance are seen in the streets in this season. A wide variety of flowers each with special meanings and good fortune wishes which are ready to be sold will be over flown in the market during these days.

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One of the legends says that it started primary to celebrate the defeat of a beast called Nian. Nian is a beast who comes to the village and ate crops, food and children. So people in the village kept food and crops outside door.After some time people came to realize that Nian feared to come near the children who dressed up in red .Keeping this point in notice they covered their window red papers. Then Nian left that place without attacking them.

These New Year celebrations last for 15 day starting from spring festival. First day in the celebration includes awaiting deities of earth and heaven. On this day they will light fireworks and bamboo sticks.

Likewise in all the fifteen day there are some customs related to thanksgiving, birthday of Emperors or deities. The reunion dinner has got significance on Lunar New Year. It’s to ensure the togetherness of family.

There is a tradition of wearing red costumes on the New Year day. According to Chinese people red is the symbol of joy. Altogether Lunar New Year season is celebrated with great fun and joy.