Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto gets a Google on 540th Birthday

Google’s doodle tributes Ludovico Ariosto, who would be 540 years old if alive on 8th September. It’s in Google Italy doodle for Ariosto got published on the day.Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto was born in Italy on September 8, 1474.

Ludovico Ariosto Google Doodle
Ludovico Ariosto Google Doodle(September 8, 2014)

Google Doodle for Ludovico Ariosto depicts image from on of his famous poem Orlando Furioso. As all other doodles, Ludovico Ariosto’s doodle also take you to search page of writer clicking on it.

Google have published doodles previously also to celebrate Birthday of writers in many countries. Here logo alphabets are included highlighting theme and in my point of viewdesigner did best work, way it designed goes perfect to announce message of day.

Theme for doodle, Orlando Furioso was the best work of Ariosto. It was wrote in three version with final one published on 1532. Work was translate to English and it got great reception all around. Main highlight of Ariosto’s work is that he included a narration throughout in his works, it could make readers eagerly turn pages to break out what is kept inside lines.

Ludovico Ariosto died on 7 July 1533. You can see poets statue in many place of Italy, recognizing his contribution in Italian literature.