LTE-A version Samsung Galaxy SIV gets launched officially

Our dream of touch with the new generation 4G LTE networks becomes a reality with Samsung and SK Telecom. Recently we hit with the report of the unboxing of LTE-A version of Galaxy SIV. Today LTE-A version Samsung Galaxy SIV gets launched officially

LTE-A version Samsung Galaxy SIVWe had seen many reports on the arrival of LTE-A version Samsung Galaxy SIV. Upon those reports all the sources highlighted about the unavailability of such a network in major areas. Now Samsung’s home country Korea gets touched with LTE-Advanced network from SK Telecom networks. It is became the world’s first ever LTE-A network ever. Samsung also launched new variant Galaxy SIV on this network reported by Samsung tomorrow.

LTE-A version Samsung Galaxy SIV

With the introduction of LTE-A based Galaxy SIV Smartphone Samsung once again provide their ultimate leadership power in Smartphone world. This lightning fast network available in Seol, Korea and in other two major cities of the country. This network can provide a speed up to 150Mbps. It is much faster than that of wired LAN. SK Telecom announced that it will expand this service to Nationwide in short time.

It is very happy to report that LTE-A version will demands the dame charge as that of normal LTE version. The users can enjoy twice as speed than that of normal LTE network within new LTE-Advanced network. You can make the multimedia downloads within few seconds. Downloading and uploading of files becomes completed in lightning fast speed.

For supporting such a fast network like LTE-Advanced Samsung features their new variant Galaxy SIV with 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Other than supporting of LTE-A this processor makes the Galaxy SIV to ultra-fast device. As it supports ultra HD mode video and high range audios users can enjoy the multimedia contents at its best. Also the LTE-A network helps the users to get high quality large multimedia files in few seconds.

The other specifications for new variant Galaxy SIV will remain same as that of original Galaxy SIV. The availability and price tag of Galaxy SIV with LTE-A not yet announced by the company. It is thinks to bit higher than that of original version.