How to lock up the data using bitlocker encryption in Windows 8.1

Security of files is the most wanted thing while using the PC. As you know bitlocker drive encryption is the high end security feature that encrypt entire disc to keep the data safe, upcoming Windows 8.1 also includes bitlocker drive encryption. Here how to lock up the data using bitlocker encryption in Windows 8.1?

lock up the data using bitlocker encryption in Windows 8.1The biometric system, upgraded malware resistance and security of co operative data within Windows 8.1 sounds the high end security. It is also important to keep the operating system files and personal files in top secured zone, that is why Microsoft recommended to use bitlocker encryption. First of all let’s take a look on what is bitlocker encryption and where you can use it?

Bitlocker driver encryption in Windows perform full disc encryption using 128 bit or 256 bit key, also available for server platform. Microsoft uses AES encryption algorithm in CBC mode to perform bitlocker encryption.

You can find bitlocker encryption encryption in Pro and enterprise editions of Windows 8.1

lock up the data using bitlocker encryption in Windows 8.1

You can apply bitlocker drive encryption for the operating system files, it’s meant for the drive in which you have installed Windows 8.1 OS. The next one is the internal disc where the personal datas are stored and last one is external drives such as USB. It is very important that you choose for your own files for encryption because of unlocking of encrypted files can only performed by the person with the PIN or key.

Lock up drives using bitlocker

  • Go search charm in Windows 8.1.
  • Find bitlocker drive encryption and hit on manage.
  • There you will find your operating system files, fixed drives and USB.
  • Choose the drive you want to encrypt.
  • Turn on bitlocker encryption.bitlocker drive encryption

At that time the system asked for your administration password for the confirmation. The process will take a little bit of time, you just follow the instruction recommended by Windows.

  • Set how do you want to unlock the encrypted drive later.
  • Set how to keep the backup key.
  • Select how much data you want to encrypt.

You have to make sure that your system can read both encryption and recovery key. Set the both within bitlocker check system. Then start encrypting. It takes a little time and system will restart during bitlocker drive encryption.

It is very important to keep your recovery key in a safe place out f your PC. Once you lost the recovery key you can’t unlock the encrypted drive and will permanently lost the data.

How to unlock the encrypted drive in Windows 8.1

You will have a bitlocker password and recovery key after the encryption of drives in Windows 8.1. In the case of you lost your bitlocker password you can unlock the drive using recovery key.

  • In the case of unlocking of encrypted operating system files you will asked for bitlocker password at the start up.
  • In the case of unlocking of encrypted fixed drive, select this PC and hit on the drive you want to unlock and enter password.
  • For unlocking a encrypted USB drive, put it in the system and select it, click on unlock and provide password when you prompt for it.