Little Nemo in Slumberland 107th anniversary celebrated by cartoon doodle

Little Nemo in Slumberland is a comic article appeared in New York Heralds. It was written by Winsor McCay. The story was very popular among the people at those times

107th anniversary Little Nemo in Slumberland
107th anniversary Little Nemo in Slumberland (October 15, 2012)

107th anniversary Little Nemo in Slumberland doodle

Little Nemo in Slumberland doodle released on this day was in memory of this story. Here in the doodle we can see the main character of the story Nemo in his dreamland. It’s an interactive animated doodle. The doodle is colorful, beautiful and clear reflection of the story Little Nemo in sumberland. Google Doodle reflects the pop culture, art, imagination that McCay drew through his work. In the doodle we can see the main theme of his story Little Nemo that is the dream world in which Nemo goes in his sleep. The creativity and bold use of colors McCay showed in his works is reflected in this doodle which is in honor of his work. The doodle is designed with the use of colors which Winsor used in his works to present and convey his themes.

Winsor McCay was born on 26th September .His was well known as a cartoonist and animator. His best work was Little Nemo in sumberland which was written in the year of 1905. His imaginations are beyond the confines of reality and it took over human hearts from the boredom of busy life.

Little Nemo is a journey of boy in a dream world. In the story Nemo will go through a series of places jumping, bouncing, and running in his dream. In the first part the reason of his journey was to reach near his playmate Camille, daughter of King Morpheus. Then when the series continued there came many other reasons and comic definitions for his dreams. The end of the series is usually pictured as if he woke up from dream.

The article got great popularity and there were many readers for that all across the country. Later little nemo was featured in short films, Video games and animated nemo movies. The movies got many appreciations and awards for best quality animations.