Light up your home remotely with LG smart bulb

In near future you may get chance to control every electronic device in home with your Smartphone. Today LG announced first ever Smart bulb to the electronic world, can completely control via your smartphone and tablets.

Light up your home remotely with LG smart bulb

The LG smart bulb, a pair of light bulbs which can control via Android 4.3+ and iOS 6.0+ Smartphones and tablets. It can be connected via bluetooth or Wi-Fi. nce you connected LG  smart bulb with your devices can turn on or off and can adjust brightness.

The security mode within smartbulb app let you to turn light on in a specified time even you are not at home. The party mode within this app turn your home into a party club by make the bulb to flash in different colors in correspondence with music playing within your device, available only for Android.

The bulb also make flashes when you receive a phone call or message, won’t miss anything. This smart bulb also last longer for more than one decade, can tun it on for 5 hours a day.

As becomes low wattage bulbs you don’t have to worry about power consumption, also fiw within same socket of ordinary incandescent bulbs. LG smart bulb will available shortly for rate of $35.