‘Third Day of March’ Liberation Day of Bulgaria 2014 Google Doodle

Google on 3rd March presents this Liberation Day of Bulgaria 2014 Google Doodle on homepage of country. This Google Doodle represents 136th anniversary of signing of treaty of San  Stefano contract, the liberation of Bulgaria.

Liberation Day of Bulgaria 2014 Google Doodle
Liberation Day of Bulgaria 2014 Google Doodle (March 3 , 2014)

Bulgaria liberation day 2014 Doodle is designed in the color of national flag of bulgaria white, green and red. Tricolor flag is the symbol of liberty and independence  of the state. As in the national flag we can see horizontal strips of tricolor in Google doodle also. Google have come up with Bulgarian National day Google doodles in previous years also.

3rd of March is a most important national holidays of Bulgaria. It’s the day to commemorate signing of Peace Treaty of San Stefano between Russia and Ottoman Empire at the end of war. Though the incident took place in 1878, it’s from 1880 the day is considered as official holiday for celebrating the liberation.

Celebrations for Liberation Day have already started in Bulgaria. On the day, places including Museums, gallery and other public building will be open free for visitors. Many roadways are routed to new direction to many the programs of the day smoother.

As in Google Doodle, National flag will be flying over each and every streets of Bulgaria on the day. Sofia, the capital is ready for celebration of national day. Google Doodles wishes Happy Third Day of March on 136th Liberation Day of Bulgaria.