LG suspects Samsung for patent infringement in eye tracking

The $1 billion loss of Samsung by infringement of Apple devices is the biggest patent case ever seen by techworld. NowLG suspects Samsung for patent infringement in eye tracking . The eye tracking technology is used by Samsung in their latest flagship phone Galaxy SIV.

LG suspects Samsung for patent infringement in eye trackingOne of the core feature within Galaxy SIV is smart pause, that is whenever the users take off eyes from screen the video goes to pause mode. LG official said that they had included the similiar feature within Optimus G Pro and this is a infringement of their technology by Samsung.

LG suspects Samsung for patent infringement in eye tracking

LG call it as smart video which tracks your eye movement and do the functions. But Samsung have already told that it’s not using the eye ball tracking feature for this application which is in the patent applied by LG in it instead use the some unique methods that they owns.

LG have applied for patent for the eye ball tracking technology to smartly detect the human interaction with the smartphones and to respond accordingly in the year 2009 itself. But as we can see Samsung owns the device with the application which is applied for patent by LG.

A patent war is smelling in the background of these two brands. LG and Samsung are now getting ready. It’s according to the news from Yonhap news agency the information leaked and it seems that both Korean companies are ready for the patent infringement battle.

Samsung Galaxy SIV and LG Optimus G Pro are the two flagship phones expected by the companies to be available in the market which can make out their position in current world mobile market to get extended to a high level.

Samsung Galaxy SIV is already out and LG Optimus G Pro is expected to hit market by next month. At this time it will be really tight situation for both the brands if this patent infringement violation case comes in to existence.

Both the new devices are best in their features and application in it. Samsung Galaxy SIV have already took the headlines of all leading technological news with its new features like smart scroll, smart pause, Group play and advanced camera options like drama shots, time lapse and many more. This smartphone is expected to be available in the market by 2013 April.

This time period of availability of Samsung Galaxy SIV is almost near and equal to the LG Optimus G Pro release. It is also expected to be a big product from LG. Samsung and LG both are equally strong company which is able to take over mobile world with new technologies and innovation so we can wait and see what will be the end of this patent war.