Olympic Gold Medalist Leon Štukelj honored with Google Doodle

Google dedicated a doodle on Slovenian homepage for athlete Leon Štukelj on his birthday. It’s 115th birthday of this Olympic gold medalist celebrated by Google Doodle.

Leon Štukelj honored with Google Doodle
Leon Štukelj honored with Google Doodle(November 12,2013)

Leon Štukelj is portrayed in the doodle with two gymnastic rings replacing Google logo alphabet ‘o’. Leon Štukelj was actually a Yugoslav gymnast of Slovenian nationality.

Štukelj was born on 12 November 1898. He was an enthusiastic athlete from Slovenia who have reached the top of sport. From the young age itself he was active member in Sokol atheletic movement.

Starting his sports career in 1922, Leon Štukelj ended his career officially after winning gold medal in Berlin Olympics 1936. It was a silver medal he won on the event. Between this time period Leon Štukelj participated in about 7 international competitions. Altogether from this competition he got about 20 medals. He got three gold medals for Olympics itself.

After ending up the official sports career, Leon Štukelj, became a judge. It was in his hometown, Novo Mesto he started his career as judge. Leon Štukelj had strong political views, he was imprisoned after the World War II and permanently disbarred being judge. So, Leon Štukelj took career of legal assistant afterwards.

During the Olympiad at Atlanta, Leon Štukelj was honored as the oldest living Olympic Gold Medalist and took participated in function along with US president Bill Clinton.  He died at the age of 100. He continued his practice and exercises till end of his life. There was grand celebration in Slovenia for his  100th birthday. It’s on 1999 November 9, Leon Štukelj died, just three days before his 101st birthday.

Leon Štukelj is one of the most famous sports person from Slovenia. This Google Doodle on his 115th birthday is a honor for him and memories of his everlasting career. Many public building and sports clubs are named to his name in his honor.