French Physicist Leon Foucault 194th Birthday Google Doodle goes interactive

Leon Foucault 194th Birthday Google Doodle decorates the homepage on September 18th. Google doodle goes interactive on this day. We can see digital version of Foucault pendulum inside it.

Leon Foucault 194th Birthday Google Doodle
Leon Foucault 194th Birthday Google Doodle (Sep 18, 2013)

French Physicist Leon Foucault 194th Birthday Google Doodle points to his Pendulum experiment. In this doodle,  there is an option to set the movement of Pendulum by setting clock and altitude using the images of clock and globe in right side. Pendulum movement that set accordingly by the users,  make it interactive at the same time attractive too.

Jean Bernard Leon Foucault was born at Paris on September 18th, 1819. Though it was pendulum for finding earth rotation made him famous world wide, there are many more experiments and finding in his name. Measurements on speed of light and Eddy current are some among them.

Foucault pendulum experiments was taken place first in Pantheon in Paris , France. Device consisted 28 kg brass bob and 67 meter long wire. Foucault pendulum took 32.7 hours to complete a rotation.

Leon Foucault
Leon Foucault

It was in 1850’s Foucault came up with most of his famous findings. Today also we can see Foucault Pendulum in science museum and planetariums.  Many universities use Foucault pendulum for experimentation and studies.

He was given many honors and awards for his findings. Apart from the devices and experiments by him like  Foucault knife edge, Fizeau Foucault apparatus and  Foucault polarizer, an Asteroid 5668 Foucault was named in his honor. His name is one among 72 names inscribed in Eiffel Tower.

Foucault was a well known name among French scientists. By 1862 he became the member of Bureau des Longitudes and in 1864 of Royal society of London. He became the officer of Legion of Honour in 1862. Google’s interactive doodle on his birthday is a tribute to him. He died on February 11th at the age of 48 in Paris.