Leo Tolstoy’s 186th Birthday Marked with Google Doodle

Google wishes Russian Novelist Leo Tolstoy on 186th Birthday with a global Google Doodle. Google Doodle sum up the slide show of images from Tolstoy’s famous works.

Leo Tolstoy Google Doodle
Leo Tolstoy Google Doodle(September 9, 2014)

Google Doodle begins with an image of Tolstoy busy writing in a candle light. Google logo is included in white color font as a background. By clicking the right arrow, images of his novels War and Peace, Anna Karenina and The death of Ivan Ilyich will come in to display. Tolstoy was an influential writer.

Roman Muradov, the guest illustrator of Google Doodle explains the task, risk,complexity and challenge he faced in design of the doodle for this great novelist.

Leo Tolstoy Google Doodle on September 9
Leo Tolstoy Google Doodle on September 9

Leo Tolstoy Life and Works

Leo Tolstoy is one of the best writer world have ever seen. Tolstoy was born on 9th September, 1828 at Russia. Tolstoy initially wrote short stories and essays. Later on the list of his works added with novellas and big novels including realism and fiction.

Tolstoy’s work have made a new revolution in Russian literature. Tolstoy have firm religious and political beliefs, these have also influenced in his works. He was also a good philosopher and political thinker. Non violence was the ideology Tolstoy believed in.

Its after joining army, leaving his studies in 1851,Tolstoy started writing. It’s autobiographical novel ‘childhood’ , the first published novel of Tolstoy. As you can see in Google Doodle, War and Peace is the most known work of Tolstoy, and also the one which is marked as the best novels every got birth in history. The novel consists of 580 characters, both real and fictional.

Leo Tolstoy Google Doodle War and Peace
Leo Tolstoy Google Doodle War and Peace

After his novel Anna Karenina , later works he wrote concentrated in themes of Christian history and beliefs. There are dozens of works in Tolstoy name. Some other works in his name are The Kingdom of God is within you, A confession, Resurrection, boyhood, youth. Many of his works were televised and filmed in later years.

Tolstoy died on 20th November 1910 at age of 82. Google Doodle on his birthday is a tribute to Tolstoy. He is one among the writers who live through the works ever and ever.