What we should learn from Steve Jobs life?

Apple event WWDC 2013 is about to start within hours. How can we go ahead with an Apple event without mentioning the man who gave Apple all that they have today? Yes, Steve Jobs is the man who made the company famous all around the world. His death was a great loss for Apple as well as the technical world. So what we should learn from Steve Jobs life?

learn from Steve JobsToday in the entire mobile we can see an android dominance. But during the time when Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple, it was iOS which was accepted by people all over world especially in US. He is the man who thought in a different innovative way and introduced many iProducts including iPod, iPad, iMac and so on. Each and every product that was introduced by Steve Jobs were equally good and had elegant design.

Just think about iPod, it was his thought of making a device on what everyone love became the source for iPod. There will no one in the world who have enjoyed the essence of music in the world. Yes, a product which makes music live with you in every situation is what the iPod is.

The next big thing that came out from the brain of this great man was iPhone. The device which integrates phone, music and internet. The main advantage of this product is the design with less weight and durability. It’s these to product which made Apple Inc regain its position in the world market.

Though Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Inc he left the company for certain time and returned to company in the year 1998. From then it was the golden time of Apple until jobs left the company due to disease.

He is a role model to the world. The way he thought, the way he talked, the way he handled difficult situation everything made him the man liked by all. It’s his strong determination and belief achieve all that he needed. His speech and quotes have inspired lots of people. He have once told that “Being the richest man in cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed saying we have done something wonderful, that’s matters me”. It shows how much humanitarian he was.

Steve Job is the only CEO who have said that he will be the first person to inform world whenever a situation comes such that it he is not capable of doing what he want to do for Apple. It is his determination for the Apple which made him tell so. After the loss of Steve Jobs in the year 2011 due to pancreatic cancer we can see a great loss for Apple Inc and their acceptance all over the world.

Now Apple is ready for their best event of 2013, the WWDC. We can expect many new things in the event. We can look ahead what Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive will introduce to the world in the event.