The leaked Facebook Home beta disabled by Facebook itself

Facebook Home is one of the best things provides by the social networking giant. Its official release is announced for 12th April. But earlier today the beta version of software appeared within MoDaCo website. Within hours The leaked Facebook Home beta disabled by Facebook itself.

leaked Facebook Home betaThe 4th April Facebook event turns users at super excited stage and most of them eagerly waiting for the availability of the Facebook Home. But today pre-released version of the software gets leaked online. Within hours a lots of users installed the software in their android devices. But Facebook effectively disabled the leaked version. At the same time the home screen of those installed devices went black.

The beta version of Facebook Home appeared in the site MoDaCo. Even though it is a hacked version it supported within a number of devices including popular Nexus devices. Excluding chat heads all other features works well in pre-released version of Facebook Home. The desired software found as APK files within the site.

As it becomes a drawback to Facebook’s reputation the Company immediately disabled it. It prevents users from further downloading. Also the profiles within the devices which are installed with beta versions went black. The MoDaCo site owner Paul O’Brien tweeted as Facebook have made some server side change. So anyone who tries to install the pre-installed version can only see black colored screen only.

The users who had installed software tweeted the MoDaCo owner as the Facebook Home get down. The pre-released version of Facebook Home shows that it will support in a wide range of android devices. Facebook already announced that it will support in Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SIV, Galaxy Note II, HTC One and HTC One+. Now it is clear that Facebook Home will support in other than these devise. Also it is better to be wait until 12th April to get genuine version of Facebook Home.