Laura Secord on 239th Birthday honored with Google Doodle

Search giant changed homepage logo in Google Canada today to mark 239th Birthday of Laura Secord. Secord is famous for her walk of 32 kilometers during war of 1812.

Laura Secord Google Doodle
Laura Secord Google Doodle(September 13, 2014)

Google Doodle Laura Secord is colorful. It includes sketch 0f her, road map depicted probably indicate the path Laura Secord covered to warn British force about American Attack. Clicking on Google Doodle, reader can get more detailed news and history of Laura Secord, yes ,search page for the Canadian Heroine Laura Secord will be  listed.

Laura Secord Choclates company is named after her. Secord don’t any connection with company though she is often linked with it. It was started in 1913.

Laura Secord

Laura Secord was Born on 1775 September 13. In 1797, Laura married James Secord who served in Canadian Army. During the war of 1812, James was severly injured and Laura took care about her husband.

It was in June 22, 1812, the incident depicted in the Google Doodle for Laurs Secord happened. Some how Laura came to knew about the surprise attack planed by Americans on British troops on June 21. As per the history, Laura walked from Queenston to Lieutenant James FitzGibbon’s Headquarters.

Laura Secord was died on 1868 October 17 due. She was 93 years old during time of her death. In recognition to Laura Secord, many honors was given to her posthumously.  In her grave at Drummond hill cemetery, you could see statue of her.

Many legends and stories related to Laura Secord in famous in Canada. Museums, schools, companies and monuments were named to Laura’s name, in respect for her. To honor Laura Secord, a memorial coin and stamp was released in Canada. Statues of Secord can be seen at Valiants Memorial.

Google Doodle today honors her. Million of Google users can view her doodle on Google Canada homepage.