Latest Google chrome features do not track

Google chrome is the most widely used web browser across the world. Chrome offers the user secured and trusted browsing on internet. It constantly improving their security features that’ why it became most popular. Now the latest version of Google chrome features do not track privacy feature.Latest Google chrome features do not track

You can get new chrome from official chrome site.The new feature allows the users safe and secure browsing without being tracked. It allows to get rid of tracking cookies and targeting advertisements. Web tracking avoidance system is used by all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer.

The new security system mainly focused for cookies a small piece of browsing data that is stored in the browser during surfing. If the cookies get away then the previous activities can’t be detected. This mechanism is used in do not track technology.

So Google chrome becomes the most secured browser yet. Most awaited OS windows 8 will also added this security feature to its default browser internet explorer 10.