Google’s Lantern on Lantern Festival 2009 doodle

Decorated Lantern is common in China and neighboring countries on festival season especially during the Lunar New Year celebrations. This festival is celebrated with great importance o mark the end of Lunar New Year celebrations.

Lantern Festival 2009 doodle
Lantern Festival 2009 doodle (February 9, 2009)

In the year 2009 Google published a beautiful doodle on the homepage landed on China, Taiwan and Hong Kong on Lantern Festival day. In Google’s Lantern on Lantern Festival 2009 doodle, the characters are replaced with beautifully lighted lanterns.

The inclusion of illuminated lantern made the Lantern Festival 2009 doodle shine. We can also see Golden moon in between the lanterns in the Google doodle replacing Google logo alphabet ‘o’. It’s very common to see beautiful sky with shining moon with lots of start between lanterns on this day were the celebration takes place. It marks the first full moon day of the year.

Lantern Festival 2009 doodle gives clear image of the nigh view of the places were the lantern festival is celebrated with all importance. Many celebrations takes place on this day in these countries including traditional dance competitions, sports and games.

Lantern Festival Celebrations

Legends relates the tradition of observing this day with great importance during the time of Han Dynasty. There is also great relation with Buddhism and lantern festival. People over these countries stay outside and watch lanterns on the day. Brightest lantern is said to be the symbol of luck in many places.

Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival[Image Credit :englishsina]
In some places lanterns are believed to be the symbol of positive energy and good fortunes. People utilize the day entirely for making the relations strong and healthy. As it is a part of Lunar New Year celebrations people of every ages and caste take part in the celebration together without any discrimination.

There is also a custom of writing small riddles in the lanterns for fun. When people find the right answers for the riddles they will be given small gifts by the owners of the lanterns. Yuanxiao Festival is the other name given to the lantern festival as there is a tradition of eating this food stuff on the day. It’s a kind of dish prepared using rice.

Streets of China is decorated with many colorful lanterns on this days. Color of the lanterns have got some meanings too. Red colored lanterns which is commonly seen on China is expected to bring good fortune and happiness. The pink ones are for romance and love. Orange implies money, white health and green growth. Yellow lanterns stands for a successful career and blue one for hopping something to come right soon.

Lion dance and dragon dance are two traditional dance that we can see on the streets in the day. People all across the country enjoy these dance and celebration. Many visitors goes to see this festival that mainly takes place in China and Taiwan. These is the most crowded tourist season of the country. Every were we can see people enjoying with parties and fun as it’s the holiday time.

Google with this lantern doodle celebrated the festival with people over china, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Lantern Festival is connected with positivity and happiness. Doodle designer have managed to include the happiness and positive feel of the festival with this beautiful doodle on the home page.