La Befana 2009 Google Doodle with Gifts for Children

On the Befana Day a pretty doodle was published in the Google homepage to celebrate it. It’s at Italy La Befana is celebrated every year.  There are many beliefs in Italy based on this celebration.

La Befana 2009 Google Doodle
La Befana 2009 Google Doodle (January 5, 2009)

In Italy there is tradition of giving gifts to children on the day like on the Christmas eve by Santa. Befana is an old women who is believed to come to houses on this day to sweep out the bad fortune for the entire year and give gifts to everyone.

In La Befana 2009 Google Doodle we can see the images of children gift like teddy bear, ball, toys and other gifts substituting the letter ‘g’ in the logo and a broom in the place of letter ‘l’ which symbolizes the broom of Befana who comes on the day to houses as per the myths.

The night of January 5th is commonly known as Epiphany Eve. It is a holiday in Italy and this day is celebrated for the commemoration of revelation of Jesus as the son of God.  In some places they will light the candles around the house to welcome Befana and in some other places people clean their houses and make it beautifully decorated.

Befana[Image Credit :vitadamamma]
There are many legends regarding the celebrations of the day. Most of the legends are associated with birth of Jesus Christ. The popular among them is Befana going in search of Jesus Christ after his birth and will manage to find him out in the cattle farm. She make little Jesus happy with lots of gifts and in return Jesus will her the gift to be the mother of all children in Italy.

So every child in Italy waits till ling night to get gifts from Befana all-night. It is believed that good children will get fruits, chocolates and toys on the day and bad children will get charcoal and graphite.

An old lady with a broom in the hand has now become the icon of Italy.  In some places people will wear Befana costumes and go to streets and distribute gift and toys to children on the day. There are special coir competitions in some places.

Google also took part in the celebration with Italians by publishing Befana La Befana 2009 Google Doodle in the homepage of Italy on the day for divine God. There are many poems related to Befana in Italy.

It is common that Google take part in the special celebrations with the people over there by sharing the happiness through doodles. In Befana doodle also we can see the reflection of happiness and joy of the festival. Though celebrations are enjoyed by people of all ages it’s the children who celebrates it with great happiness and fun. This Google doodle is perfect for the La Befana festival.