Kristian Brikeland Google Doodle on 146th Birthday

Kristian Brikeland Google Doodle was published in Norwegian homepage on 13 December 2013. Google doodle included Kristian image in it.

Kristian Brikeland Google Doodle
Kristian Brikeland Google Doodle(December 13, 2013)

Aurora Borealis is included in the doodle as the background. Kristian Olaf Brikeland is famous for his introduction of Aurora to the world. As we can see in the Google Doodle, Aurora is the beautiful light that we can see in sky mainly at high altitudes. It’s the motion of charged particles and their collision which result the formation of this light.  In the doodle for Kristian, the logo is wrote in white italic letters with background of Aurora and beautiful sky.

Brikeland, the famous scientist from Norway was born on 13 December 1867. Starting from the age of 18, Kristian has got many papers and research results in his name. Kristian was nominated for Nobel Prize for his inventions many times. Brikeland theory on Aurora was a great asset for scientific word. Infact it’s regarded as the example of Fringe theory. Briekland organized and conducted a series of experiments. It’s the outcome of these experiments made him a icon in Norway. It’s his 146th Birthday Google celebrated with this doodle on Norway homepage.

In Nowergian banknote of 200 Kroner, we can see the diagram drawn by Brikeland of Field aligned curruent.  There were many controversies and misunderstanding relating to his experiments, especially on Brikeland current and Aurora related findings.  It was years after the death of Brikeland, his theories and findings on Aurora, that we can see in the background of this Google Doodle was scientifically accepted and proved.

Death of this scientist was sudden and unexpected, Brikeland was found dead in his room due to the intake of medicine more than prescribed. It was on 15th June 1917, Brikeland found dead, at the age of 49. By including the most known finding of Brikeland in the homepage to honor him, Google showed the respect for him.

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