Korean Thanksgiving Day 2014 Google Doodle

Todays Google Doodle in South Korea marks Korean Thanksgiving Day. Celebration for Thanksgiving Day have already started over Korea. This year, in 2014 its on September 8th Koreat celebrating Thanksgiving Day.


Korean Thanksgiving Day 2014 Google Doodle
Korean Thanksgiving Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 8, 2014)

Google Doodle includes bright full moon shinning in sky with stars. Google logo alphabets are included in blue color with starts mixing up. Clicking on doodle search link for Thanksgiving 2014 will be listed.

Korean people follow many traditions and programs including moon on the day. Circle dance in bright light of full moon on the day is a traditional dance seen in Korea on the day. Chuseok is the other name of the Thanksgiving festival in Korea.Korean Thanksgiving Day falls on 15th day of eighth month in Chinese calender.In Korea its a three day long celebration. Basically the day is celebrated for giving thanks for good harvest they got in the year, so harvest festival is the other name in which the day is known.

The date of Korean Thanksgiving Day coincide with many other celebrations occurring around the world. Mid Autumn festival in China, Harvest Festival of Japan, Moon Festival in Malaysia, all these festivals which relates to harvest is celebrated on 15th day of eight month in Chinese calendar.

Google have always came up with doodles marking this festivals in previous years also. In Google Japan, you can see a very beautiful doodle based on legend relating to Jade rabbit for Mid Autumn Festival today.

Koreans include special ancestor memorial services, admiration of moon, games and traditional dance for the celebration. Korean wrestling is the main game item performed on the day. Dishes like songpyeon and liquor are served on the day in Korean houses. You can see Koreans dressed up in Chuseok special costumes on the day every where in Korea.Thanksgiving is one of the best celebration in Korea. Lasting for three day, people come to meet relatives, friends and family on the day.