Korean Thanksgiving 2007 Google Doodle

Google always celebrates the Thanksgiving Day by releasing doodle on the home page of countries where it’s mainly observed. In the year 2007 also special doodle was released on September 25th in South Korea as it’s in Korea major celebrations takes place on the day.

Korean Thanksgiving 2007 Google Doodle
Korean Thanksgiving 2007 (Sep 25, 2007)

On that day itself another doodle was released on the home pages of Taiwan, China and Hon Kong as Moon Festival was observed on the day. Both the festival thanksgiving and moon festival includes many similar rituals and customs.

Korean Thanksgiving 2007 Google Doodle  included the picture of chestnut, sky, trees and moon in it. It’s on the logo letter ‘l’ and ‘o’ chestnut picture and tree images are placed. Though doodle include many pictures in it the way the designer organized it in the logo makes it beautiful and views won’t feel it crowded.

There are many stories and legends in the Korean places related to the celebrations of this festival. As we can see in the places were Moon Festival is celebrated here in Korea also many similar traditional programs takes place on the day. Even there is many similarities in the dishes prepared on the houses.

[Image Credit :inhabitat.com]
In Korea the day is known by the name Chuseok. Chuseok is celebrated in three days with grand functions. The main aim of the celebration is to thank almighty for the blessings.  On Chuseok day people will gather together in family and celebrate it together. All the three days of celebrations includes many variety programs, sports, games and cultural events.

Traditional folk games are common in villages of Korea on the day. People all over the country celebrate the festival together. Visiting the tombs of ancestors and praying for their souls is a common custom followed by the people of Korea on the day. Charye is the special ritual that takes place in the worship places on the day which include several ancestral memorial prayers.

As we can see in the Moon Festival, Jade Rabbit is also associated with Thanksgiving Festival. Rice cake named Sonypyeon is the dish commonly seen on the tables of Korean families on the day. People over there follow similar custom of moving out on the night to see the full moon on the day.

It’s believed that Korean thanks giving celebrations started during Shilla kingdom. Legends say that the celebration started during the period of Shilla when a cloth weaving competition occurred between Shilla and Baekje in which the winning team was treated by the loosing team. The celebration started in the year Shilla won after the long lasting competition of one month.

Google doodle on the day was beautiful and at the same time it included all the materials which announced the relevance of the day in the Korean communities.