Korean Thanksgiving 2005 Google Doodle

Chuseok is the name in which the Korean Thanksgiving day is known. In Korea it’s holiday for three days to celebrate Chuseok in a grant way. Korean people are well known for their grace and gratitude. Korean Thanksgiving is mainly done for showing their gratitude to the almighty for the wonderful harvest and other blessings throughout the year.

Korean Thanksgiving 2005(Sep 17, 2005)

There are many myths and legends related to the origin of this festival. It’s believed that this festival is started at the time of Shilla Kingdom. It’s said that the festival started to celebrate the defeat of Bakeja in the cloth weaving competition by Shilla which last for one month. The prize for the competition is a delicious treat for the winning team by the losing team.

There are many beliefs in Korea for the celebration of the day.  There is a great association with moon festival for the Thanksgiving festival. It was in this same day Moon Festival is observed in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and in some other countries. It is celebrated on the full moon day. Google doodle for this day were specially designed to convey the message of specialty of day. It included the images of moon with Jade Rabbit, straw and leaves. The placement of leafs in the Google letter ‘G’ and straw in the place of small letter ‘g’ added color to the doodle. The inclusion of moon in the logo symbolically explained the relation of thanksgiving festival to the moon festival and its relevance in Korea. It was a special attractive doodle by Google. The style the designer used in placing the images gave a unique identity to the doodle.

Jade Rabbit inclusion in the doodle had got great significance. There are many legends in Korea relating Jade Rabbit to the thanksgiving festival. It’s said that once there lived a rabbit, monkey and fox in a forest. They three always prayed to God with a sincere heart. One day God came near them and asked them to give something to eat. Fox and monkey gave God to eat what they collected from forest but rabbit was not able to find anything to treat God. So he himself lit fire and jumped in to it. Getting impressed by this action God made him the protector of moon and is believed that he is living in the moon today also and protecting it. The usage of Silhouette to picture Jade Rabbit gave a good outlook for the doodle.

[ Image Credit :maangchi.com]
Korean thanksgiving celebrations include many special events and customs. It’s a special family get together day. Koreans have got many traditional rituals to practice on this day. The entire day is dedicated for prayer and expressing gratitude towards God. Feasting together with the harvest which is freshly collected from the farmyards and praying for the souls of ancestors who passed away in the year is the common tradition seen on Korea in this day. Some special dishes are also prepared in Korean houses to make the taste of the day very special. Songpyeon is the special dish which is made by using rice prepared on Korea in this day.

Thanksgiving Day also gave a chance to the Korean people to refresh their traditional dance and sports items. Korean circle dance is the prominent one among all other art forms which is played on the day. It’s played by Korean women’s. The entire week is celebrated with great fun and happiness in Korea.