Flowery Korea Mother’s Day 2014 Google Doodle

Thursday’s  Google Doodle in Korea is decorated with red and pink flowers. May 8 is celebrated as Mother’s Day in Korea.  It’s also the Parent’s Day and  the day dedicated to wish all elders and Grandparents in some places over Korea.

Korea Mother's Day 2014 Google Doodle
Korea Mother’s Day 2014 Google Doodle(May 8, 2014)

Google logo is decorated with red, pink carnation and rose  flowers in the doodle. These two flowers are picked by children to wish their parents on the day. Every logo alphabet is included  with these flowers.

Infact, month of May is dedicated to families in Korea. May 5th is the children’s day over there. Google have published a beautiful teddy bear doodle for Children’s Day in Korea. As both the celebration comes with in a gap of two day, Its the celebration week in Korea.

As in all other Google Doodle, clicking the doodle will take you to the search page of Korean Mother’s Day. It’s in 1930’s Koreans started celebrating Parent’s Day in respect for what parents do for their family. It’s in 1956, State Council of South Korea designated this day, May 8th, as their annual Mother’s Day.

Koreans follow custom of giving flowers and gifts to their parents on the day. Parents are taken to their favorite places for celebration on the day. With this flowery Google Doodle, all mother’s are wished a very Happy Mother’s Day by Google.