Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky Doodle on his 155th Birthday

Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky was a scientist and one among the founding fathers of astronautics and rocketry. He was born on September 17th ,1857. His findings have got a great role in the technical growth of today’s rocketry and astronautics.

Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky doodle
Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky Birthday (September 17, 2012)


Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
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Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky doodle for his 155th birthday  appeared on Google homepage on 17th Sep 2012.Google Doodle included the picture of Tsiolkosky, satellites, rockets which make us remember him and his contributions.

Every figure in Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky doodle is arranged in semicircle around the Tsiolkovsky. This symbolically indicates that origination of these technologies were evolved from the thoughts of his brain.In doodle,  Google logo  is written with dark letters.

Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky was born in Izhevskove as the son of Edward Tsiolkovsky and Maria. Due to hearing problem he was not able to attend the primary class. But he didn’t loss his confidence he struggled and became a winner in life. He was the first one to conceive a space traveler.

Tsiolkovsky was also known as the founder of spaceflights. There are many rocket propulsion and space travel theories in his name. He took the job of a mathematics teacher along with the research works.

Tsiolkovsky wrote more than 400 works in his lifetime in which 90 works were related to space travel. Theory of gases, the mechanics of animal organism etc are the two papers submitted by Tsiolkovsky. First aerodynamic laboratory of Russia was built by him.  His works covered the areas of powered mechanics, air flow in different bodies, motions of jet apparatus and many more. He was a brilliant brain of his time. At the beginning the researches, theories and formulas of Tsiolkovsky didn’t gain much appreciation but later it became the science for new technologies.

He spent most of his time in a log house at Kaluga. The state museum of the history of the causmonotics at Kaluga is now known in his name.  His works the origin and essence of music and ideas of diversity of life in universe show that he was not only a scientist but also a good human being. Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky Doodle on his birthday points to his works and contribution.