Koningsdag 2014 marked by Google Doodle

Netherlands is celebrating Kings Day for first time. Google marks this special day in history of country with a logo change on homepage. Yes, Google Doodle for Koningsdag, the kings day of Netherlands decorated Google homepage on 26 April, Saturday.

Koningsdag 2014 marked by Google Doodle
Koningsdag 2014 marked by Google Doodle(April 26, 2014)

Google have come up with doodles for Queen’s Day celebration in previous years, on 30th April. Now, birthday of King Williem Alexander, King of Netherlands is celebrated as kings day. It’s 30th April 2013, on Queen’s Day , King Williem Alexander crowned as King of Netherlands.

Most of Google Doodle for Queens Day designed in orange. Orange madness of  festival is seen in this Google Doodle too.It is designed in orange background with Golden logo alphabets. Lion figure in coat of arms of Netherlands, the symbol of royal family is also included in Google Doodle.

You can see people of Netherlands partying on the road with orange dress, hair caps and flags on the day. It’s quite common seen in Netherlands people feasting on dishes with orange color on the day. A special type of gin made of orange is mainly served on the day in Netherlands. Kings Day is a public holiday in Netherlands and people celebrate at best partying and fun making.

Though actual birthday of King Williem Alexander is 27 April, as it is a Sunday ,official celebration is on 26th Saturday. With the same spirit of Queen’s Day orange boats, decorations are ready in Netherlands for first Kings Day celebration. No doubt ,Netherlands enjoys the day with same spirit and fun.

Google Doodle wishes first ever Kings Day with this special orange doodle.When you hover mouse over the doodle you can see the quote ‘ Kings First Fine!’. Starting on Friday evening celebration goes in full spirit till Saturday night with music, dance, concerts and fun.