Google’s tribute to Haiku poet Kobayashi Issa on 250th Birthday with doodle

Google celebrated 250th Birthday of Kobayashi Issa with a special doodle.  He was the man known for his haiku poems. Haiku poems are very popular in Japan from olden days. Kobayashi Issa is one among the 5 major Haiku poets.

Kobayashi Issa Google doodle
Kobayashi Issa Google doodle (June 15, 2013)

Kobayashi Issa Google doodle has included all the ingredients to make it specially dedicated doodle for Kobayashi Issa. The entire doodle has got greenish background and we can also see the picture of Frog in it. “Do or Frog View Mountain as Natural” perfectly shows how the Haiku poems are. They are shot poems wrote using imaginative sentence about the experience over nature or something like that. In every Haiku poems we can three lines which conveys the message.

Issa was born in the year 1763 June 15th as the son of farmer family. There are more than 20,000 Kobayashi Issa Haiku poems. Issa lived as a Buddhist priest. Because of Issa’s  intensive personality and good power in language, his works are known by the people in this 21st century also.

Google on Kobayashi Issa birthday published this special doodle in honor to him. Doodles are always used by Google as a tool to make people aware about the specialty of the day. Issa’s birthday Google doodle is perfect to make world know about him and his works.