Knowledge Day Google Doodle 2013 Russia to wish start of school year

Knowledge Day Google Doodle 2013Russia appeared on Google homepage on September 2nd. Starting a school year is on September 2nd in 2013 at Russia.

Knowledge Day Google Doodle 2013
Knowledge Day Google Doodle (Sep 2, 2013)

Beginning of school year is known as Knowledge Day. Usually day is on September 1st. Since 1984 Russia celebrates Sep 1st  as Knowledge day. Programs of Knowledge Day begin with assembly wishing first graders and first bell ring.

Knowledge Day Google Doodle 2013 was similar to the one on First day of school doodle Israel 2013. All the images and inclusions were similar. Google logo included with upper case and lower case letters were also exactly same.

Writing board, color crayons, apple, books, bag, tie, coat everything on Knowledge Day Google Doodle 2013 points to school and education in Russia . In previous year also Google have come up with special doodles on this day. Value of education is pointed out with the doodle.

Knowledge Day in Russia normally marks the end of summer season and beginning of autumn.  It was Decree of the council of the people’s commissars fixed September 1st as the Knowledge in 1935.

September 1st is also used as a reference word to point our start of new school. As September 1st was a Sunday in 2013, classes officially will get started by Monday, September 2nd. It was on Monday Google’s Knowledge Day 2013 doodle for start of Russian school year released.

As the beginning of school year in countries vary accordingly every country follows a set of customs to welcome the new graders. This year in Russia more than 43000 first graders are ready for starting their education. Government of Russia with schools and organizations have arranged many programs for new kids beginning school life.

Russian classes will begin on this day with grand programs and giving books, sweets and gifts to little kids entering to world of knowledge. In many places over Russia conducted traditional opening ceremonies Sunday itself.