Knowledge Day 2007 Google Doodle with Bell

Knowledge Day is celebrated in Russia ever year on September 1st. It’s an important celebration day for Russians. This day marks the end of summer season and the beginning of autumn.

Knowledge Day 2007 Google Doodle
Knowledge Day 2007 (September 1, 2007)

It’s in the year 1984, the supreme council of USSR dedicated September 1st as Knowledge Day. The main programs of the day includes school bells ringing by the first grade holder girls sitting on the shoulder of the male student of higher ages to announce the beginning of new academic year.

Knowledge Day 2007 Google Doodle  included the bell tied with the red ribbon in it to make it special and beautiful. Knowledge in the power that makes us able to stand for right and good. Google didn’t had any crowded decorations it only included a simple bell tied with the red ribbon which replaced the Google logo alphabet ‘o’.

A day specially dedicated to understand and importance of knowledge is actually what the day of knowledge. It’s the beginning of the new school year. The kids who enter in to the world of knowledge is treated well on the day by teachers and senior students.

Welcome parties and other programs are organized by the school authorities to make the day special for them. In most of the schools the celebrations starts by giving flowers to the new students. On the day students can return to their home after the first day celebrations. It’s not a full school day on September 1st. The actual beginning of the daily school routine starts only on September 2nd.

By giving great importance to the first day of school ‘The Knowledge Day’ Russian government shows how much they value education and knowledge. Proper education should be giving for all kids to make them grow as a good citizen who can be a light to the world.

Today though we claim world is in the state of development there are many places which does not even know what is knowledge and education is. Though both the terms knowledge and education points to the same concept they are not actually same.

Knowledge Day
Knowledge is Power[Image Credit]
Knowledge can be acquired by an individual from anything and everything. Education is a medium through which a person get the knowledge to distinguish between right and wrong. Even a small kid can give you great knowledge and the mentality to accept that knowledge will be got only through proper education. So the       ‘Knowledge Day’ pointing to the beginning of education has a great relevance in the life of a man.

Google published a similar doodle on the home page landed on Israel on the same day which included the picture of pencil, notebook and protractor. It shows that Google gives great value to education. In many places September 1st is the day when lot of students starts their educational life. Wishing them a beautiful and bright future is what this doodle mean to Google.

Both the Google doodle released on September 1st in Israel and Russia shows the importance of education and knowledge in the life of common man and it insist the parents to give their children the opportunity to be educated and be good citizens.