Kite Festival 2011 doodle celebrated with colorful Kites

Makar sankrathi  have a great importance in Hindu custom. It is a Harvest festival. Google presented this doodle on Kite festival day. The replacement of alphabets in the Kite Festival 2011 doodle is done in an imaginative way with different varieties of kites.

Kite Festival 2011 doodle
Kite Festival 2011 (January 14, 2011)

Kite Festival 2011 doodle was overflowing with colors  on 14 January 2011. Google Doodle  includes colorful varieties of kites in the blue sky which is a common sight in Gujarat on the day of kite festival.

Kite Festival
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It‘s the day in which Sun begin its ascendancy to northern hemisphere. It is believed sun reminds his children that “Thamasoma jyothir gamaya”, that is may go to brightness, never be in darkness. To symbolize this concept beautiful kites are designed and flew in the sky on this particular day.

Kite Festival 2011  is celebrated with great joy everywhere. Special prayers were held in temples.  In India, it;s in Gujarat main celebration takes place. Gujarat Government kite festival programs are really coloful. From dusk to dawn people of all ages flew their kites and celebrate. Children as well as adults celebrate this day in a grant way.

In some states it is celebrated to express their gratitude to God who have awaken from six month of slumber.In some area it’s celebrated to mark the end of winter season. As it is the ending of winter, the day use to be very pleasant with gentle breeze and puffy shining blue sky.

It’s a mind blowing sight to see tremendous variety of kites on the sky in on kite festival day. People of all age come out with their kites which reflect the skill and talent. At the day time a wave of beautiful colors are seen in the sky and at night a variety of illuminated color kites are seen in the sky. It’s a day to celebrate with friends, family and neighbors.

We can see all kites in diffrent shapes and colors, commonly scene on kite festival day in Kite Festival 2011 doodle too.