Khalil Gibran Birthday doodle on 2011 Jan 6

It was in memory of him Khalil Gibran Birthday,  Google doodle was released on Jan 6th, 2011 . We can see a lively picture of this great personality in  Khalil Gibran Birthday doodle . Picture reflects the confidence and courage of Khalil, which was his asset throughout his life time.

Khalil Gibran Birthday doodle
Khalil Gibran’s B’day 2011(January 6, 2011)

Khalil Gibran was a genius of his age. He was a poet, philosopher and an artist. He was born in 1883 January 6th in Fam-al-mizab, near Cedar grove in North Lebanon .

Khalil Gibran is a name which is familiar to all Arabian citizens. Khalil Gibran poems have been translated into more than twenty languages and his paintings and drawings have been exhibited in many exhibitions all around the world. After publishing the poem “Spirit Rebellious “Gibran was known as a reformer in Arabian world.

There is a lot of heart catching quotes by Gibran.These quotes written by Gibran makes him live in every heart forever.

”Friendship is a always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity “ :Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran
Khalil Gibrans
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Some of the famous poems of Khalil Gibran are A Lovers Call, A Poets Voice, A Visit From Wisdom, Crime and Punishment, Beauty, Freedom, Friendship, God . Khalil Gibran Birthday doodle is a real tribute to him.

Gibrans first art exhibition was in 1904 at Boston. Khalil Gibran works were influential in America in 1960’s. Arab American institute foundation is presenting an Khalil Gibran awards “The Khalil Gibran Spirit of humanity “to those people, organization or corporations who show their ability in all walks of life. There is a Gibran museum which includes famous works of Gibran and also his tomb in Lebanon.

Khalil Gibran poetry and other works covers topic on Social reformation, Love, Art, Nature, Heaven, Children, Crime, and Poverty and more. He is a man who has proved his ability as a artist too. His art works has got a large acceptance all across the world.