Johannes Kepler Birthday Google Doodle with simple Animation

Johannes Kepler was honored with an animated  Google Doodle on 27th December 2013. Kepler is the most known astronomer, astrologer, teacher and mathematician of 16th century.

Kepler Birthday Google Doodle
Kepler Birthday Google Doodle(December 27, 2013)

In Kepler Birthday Google Doodle, his most renowned findings on planet motion along elliptical path is featured. In the doodle we can see Kepler himself in the center and a planet orbiting around him. Entire doodle is given dark shade reflecting the outer space atmosphere with Google logo on right of Kepler’s portrait. This 442nd birthday doodle for Kepler was published on selected countries.

Born in 1571, in an era when no sophisticated instruments and measurement tools were introduced, Kepler developed the skill of observation from early ages of his life with mere determination and love for universe.Kepler combined faith with his theories, as he was religiously involved. The most famous work of Kepler was Mysterium Cosmographicum.

Johannes Kepler AstronomerAfter this work by 1600 he became the assistant of astronomer Tycho Brahe. During next years of his life, he made series of observations on planet and published many works , at the same time he proved to be a successful mathematician. Kepler was the imperial mathematician to Roman Emporer Rudolff II.

In the initial time Kepler’s theories and observation were not widely accepted. In fact ,many of his theories got strong opposition from  prominent scientist and astronomers of that time. But as the time passed, Kepler came out as the person who contributed lot to astronomical science.

He was died on   15th November 1630. As Kepler was recognized as the prominent figure in history many honors were given to him. There many places and buildings renamed after him. Apart from this, NASA named their one mission as Kepler mission on 2009.Coins and stamps were out in his legacy and a mountain is named to Kepler in honor to him after his death. Today also most of his findings are considered as the valuable treasures and Google also honored him on the birthday in 2013 with this beautiful doodle.

Bottom Image Credit : myhero