Katherine Mansfield, writer from New Zealand honored with Google Doodle

Search giant Google marked the birthday of Katherine Mansfield, the modernist writer from New Zealand on 125th Birthday, 14 October 2013. Mansfield was born in 1888.

Katherine Mansfield Google Doodle
Katherine Mansfield Google Doodle(October 14, 2013)

Google Doodle on the day includes a sketch of the writer itself replacing logo alphabet ‘l’. Google presented doodle on homepage of Australia and New Zealand for 24 hours. Clicking on Doodle for Katherine Mansfield, you will be taken to the search page of the writer.
Known famous for short fictional stories, Katherine Mansfield in her life time of 34 years presented book which was an inspiration to writers of time. Mansfield’s works remained uncompleted after death due to tuberculosis at the age of 34, some volumes of her books were out after her death with initiatives by Murry, her husband.
Mansfield’s works includes fiction stories and poems. The short story collections includes ‘The Garden Party ’ , ‘ The Dove’s Nest ‘, Bliss. Nature, birds and life was theme for many of short stories. You can see the reflection on this in her Google Doodle too.
Mansfield was a lady who had great desire for life. She wrote in a letter to her husband ‘She believes that greatest failing is to be frightened ‘. In her words in last days of life, Mansfield has mentioned her wish to write more.
Many authors and writers have mentioned Mansfield as a prolific lady with great courage and talent. Mansfield was recognized with many honors and awards. After her death on 9 January 1923, parks, places and monuments were named to her name honoring her.
Novels, films and adaptations of Mansfield’s works were out and she got wide recognition around. A short tor completion is held annually in her Name in New Zealand. Google Doodle on her Birthday honors skills and works.