June 20th Facebook event officially confirmed by authorities

At the time of introduction of hashtags Facebook told that they will shortly introduce even more feature to discover world conversations. Following it many rumors spread across internet about a ‘mysterious’ event for 20th June. June 20th Facebook event officially confirmed by authorities

June 20th Facebook eventAt first we heard about the new of the mysterious event that going to be organized by Facebookfrom ABC news. One of the authorities of that media got snail mail from Facebook which included invitation for the June 20th event. Yesterday Facebook informed through their official news site about the live stream link of June 20th event. So it is confirmed that Facebook will surely host a technical event on the highlighting day by rumors.

In the official FB news site it is written that the event will start at 10am Pacific Time. It is also said that the live streaming news about the event will shortly informed through that site. So it is going to be finding a new feature from FB after a few interval from previous launch.

We encountered with the launch of hashtag in Facebook previous week. It helps us to being a part of a large discussion or to find out discussion about a particular topic. “Hashtag is only the first step to help people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations. We will continue to roll out more features in coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights that help people to find out more of world’s conversations” Facebook shared in official news site.

It is thinks to be the feature that mentioned here by Facebook is going to be introduce in June 20th event. There is also have some reports about Facebook have a plan to introduce FB news reader in that day. The service which gives updations from Facebook posts, blogs and from other sites. Anyway we can hope for better features that help us to access more informations from the June 20th event by Facebook.

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