Julius Richard Petri 161st Birthday Google Doodle

On the 161st birthday of Julius Richard, the inventor of petri dish Google published an animated doodle in the homepage. Doodle included a play button to start the animation live. In the Google doodle we can see six Petri dishes colored in Google logo colors.

Julius Richard Petri 161st Birthday Google Doodle The petri dishes are used to culture cells by biologist and it was invented by Petri when working under Robert Koch. Julius Richard Petri 161st Birthday Google Doodle is simple and dynamic one which is makes us remember the contribution of Julius Richard Petri.

Julius Richard Petri
Julius Richard Petri[Image Credit :answers]
Petri, the German bacteriologist was born in the year 1853 on May 31st. After his medical degree in 1873 he worked as a military physician till 1886. It was during the time 1879 he was worked as an assistant to Robert Koch and invented what now known as Petri dish. It was during that time Petri got interested in bacteriology and started working on it.

Before the invention of Petri dish bacteria were cultured in the liquid medium. Later in the assistance of Robert Koch to invent a solid medium for bacteria study and culture Petri worked on this new solid dish which is now also used on laboratories.

Petri dishes have rings in the top and bottom as we can see in the Google doodle which makes it perfect with out sliding down while doing experiments. Petri dishes are used for many microbiological studies in the laboratories. Apart from microbiological studies, it’s also used for studying about small plants and animals. Google celebrated the 161st birthday of petri dish inventor Julius Richard Petri in their way with this special and beautiful animated doodle.