Google celebrates Writer Julio Cortázar 100th Birthday with doodle depicting sketch of ‘Rayuela’

Today’s doodle in Google Lithuania, Mexico and Argentina homepage marks 1ooth birthday of famous writer Julio Cortázar. He was a well known novelist, essayist and short story writer.

Julio Cortázar Google Doodle
Julio Cortázar Google Doodle(August 26, 2014)

Google Doodle sketches Cortázar’s novel ‘ Rayuela’ , in English Hopscotch cover in it. It was in 1963, Cortázar wrote the novel when he was in Paris. You can see the cartoon sketch of write replacing the alphabet ‘g’ in Google logo. Quote in chapter of the book is also included at bottom of doodle.

“We walked without looking for us, but we knew we were to meet”

Julio Cortázar

Julio Cortázar was born on 26 August 1914. Cortázar was one of the best novelist ever lived. Cortázar was mentioned as ‘Modern master of Short stories’ and ‘Simon Bolivar of novel’ by greatest artist of the time and also he was one among founders of Latin American Boom.

Starting the career as an elementary teacher, Cortázar continued his higher studies and worked as professor in universities , he also worked as translator for UNESCO. Cortázar spend most of his years in Argentina, Mexico and France.

Julio Cortázar[Image]
Julio Cortázar[Image]
Cortázar have many essays, short stories and novels in his name. Some his famous works includes his short story collection Bestiario, Libro de Manuael, Rayuela, Divertimiento, Los Reyes. Number of his works were translated to many other languages, bith during his life time and also after his death.

Cortázar died on 12 February 1984 at the age of 69. Rubén Darío Order of Cultural Independence and Prix Médicis award are the notable recognition he got for his works.

Julio Cortázar’s Rayuela

Rayuela or the Hopscotch is the most notable novel of Julio Cortázar. It was first published on 1963 in Spanish and then translated to English in 1966. The novel got great recognition around the world.

As in Google Doodle for Julio Cortázar, you can see covers of the novel in black color writing name of the novel at center block in figure. Rayuela is often refers as the counter novel. Linear and non linear mode of reading the novel with an open ended structure makes it different.

Horaico Oliveria, the center of story will be mind of every reader now also. The translator of novel for US edition, Gregory Rabbassa got National Book Award.

Google Doodle for Julio Cortázar took Rayuela as the theme to give tribute to writer on 100th Birthday.