Muralist Juan Carol Castagnino’s 105th Birthday marked by Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 18 November 2013 marks birthday of famous Argentinian  painter, sketch artist and architect Juan Carol Castagnino.  Doodle was present in homepage of Google Argentina.

Juan Carol Google Doodle
Juan Carol Google Doodle(November 18,2013)

Motivation of the Google Doodle is from one of Carol Castagnino’s  famous work. It’s for José Hernández’s poem Martín Fierro this image was drawn by Carol. This epic poem with 2316 line is regarded as Argentina’s National Poem. Martín Fierro got wide recognition over Argentina. Name points to the leading character in the work. Picture in doodle is depicted as rough charcoal and ink work made by Carol.

Google logo alphabets are also included around ‘Martín Fierro’ image scatterd in black color. By clicking on doodle on the day, it lists all details of this great artist along with image.

Born on 1908 Novenber 18 in Argentina , Carol after his education entered as the member of Argentinian Communist Party. Carol works mostly are realistic but he also have done many figurative works based on his communist concepts and social ideologies. More over Carol Castagnino undertook new themes for his works always, this made Carol to capture variety of subject matters in his works.

Travelling to Europe and Paris he studied about art and architecture in 1930’s. During this journey’s Carol met many famous artists of the time and attended many art workshops. Carol took his degree in architecture from University of Buenos Aires in 1941.

Carol Castagnino was given many awards and honors for his works in artistic field. Medal of Honor at ‘Expo 58’, in 1961 Grand Prize of honor are some recognition given to Castagnino. In 1982, after his death, Municipal Museum of Arts in his native place renamed to his name in honor to Castagnino. Carol have contributed more than 130 works for this Art Museum.

This doodle on Google Argentininan homepage marked 105th Birthday of Carol Castagnino. Castagnino died on 1972 April 21st.