Google’s Josip Vandot Birthday doodle imaging Kekec jumping over alps

Google Slovenia woke up with Josip Vandot birthday doodle on 15 January 2014. Vandot was famous for stories for children.


Google's Josip Vandot Birthday doodle
Google’s Josip Vandot Birthday doodle (January 15, 2014)

Josip Vandot birthday doodle featured the image of Kekec, the most famous character that Vandot created through his stories. It was for Vandot 130th birthday Google published this special doodle. Shepherd boy Kekec imaged in the doodle replacing Google logo alphabet ‘o’. Kekec was imaged as if he’s jumping over alps. All other logo alphabets are written with bluish shade in the doodle.

Born on Slovenia in 1884 January 15, Vadot wrote many books. Vandot was also known as a good children’s poet with many poems for children. As mentioned before, Vandot was famous for his Kekec books. Josip wrote mainly three books making Kekec, the genius shepherd boy as the main character.

As we can see in the Google doodle to honor Josip, the books ‘Kekec on the hard path’, Kekec on the wolf trail’, Kekec on the lonely abyss’ made Josip works accept by children all around the world during 1920’s. In those days Kekec was adored  just like our super hero’s today.

The book on this clever shepherd boy was later became the theme for three films. Film named Kekec released in 1951 is the clear adaptation of the book. Google honored Josip on his birthday making world remember his famous character Kekec. Josip Vanot died on July 11, 1944.

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