Dr Jonas Salk’s 100th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle

Google homepage on several countries is decorated with a doodle dedicated to Dr Jonas Salk, its the 100th Birthday of Medical Scientist marked with doodle. Jonas Salk, famous for the invention of Polio Vaccine was born on 28 October 1914, in New York.

Jonas Salk Google Doodle
Jonas Salk Google Doodle(October 28, 2014)

In Dr Salk’s Google Doodle, you can see kids playing in joy. Cartoon sketch of Dr Jonas Salk’s is included in the doodle. It wad children effected by Polio and suffered the most by the disease. Polio was regarded to be one of the biggest fear of post war era. As usual, clicking on doodle takes to the search page of Jonas Salk. Doodle for Salk’s will be present on Google homepage for 24 hours.

Jonas Salk Life, Contributions and Achievements

Jonas Salk, born is New York after primary education and college , Salk’s entered the New York University School of Medicine. It was during this period Salk’s took his medical researches seriously. Salks interest was to help humankind in every sense rather than practicing medicine.

American Physician and Virologist, Dr Thomas Francis Jr, the Doctoral Advisory of Salk opened him world of Virology. It was in 1941, Salk did his postgraduate research. Findings on virus that cause Flu and the related research made Salk more interested in the field and this became the base for research work for the Polio Vaccine.

Research and trial works by Salk’s during 1940’s opened doors for many controversies. Under the leadership of Jonas Salk field trials were conducted, including thousands of Physicians , health officers and patients.It was in 1955, April 12th the result of the vaccine test was announced by Dr Thomas Francis, which was positive and promised the 80 to 90 percentage resistance from Polio.

After announcement of Jonas Polio Vaccine success, nation celebrate and Salk’s fame reached everywhere around the globe. Within few years the vaccine was taken by all other countries and most of the places Polio disease were eradicated successfully.

30th Anniversary Day of Polio Vaccine success declaration was declared as Jonas Salk Day by President Ronald Reagan. Salk Institute of Biological Studies was opened in 1963. Salks was given numerous honors and awards for his greatest invention of Polio Vaccine. Many documentary films were filmed on his life and works.

Dr Salk was a person who had great humanitarian values, his thinking and enthusiasm made him work for the good of humankind through out his life. He died on June 23, 1995 at United States. Google doodle honoring him on 100th Birthday also include his greatest invention as the theme. Millions of Google Users can see the doodle on Google home.