Interactive Google Doodle Marks John Venn’s 180th Birthday

Google is celebrating logician and Philosopher John Venn’s 180th Birthday with a animated interactive global doodle. Venn diagram, the contribution of John Venn became theme for today’s birthday doodle for him.

John Venn Google Doodle
John Venn Google Doodle(August 4, 2014)

Google Doodle for Venn seems to be one of best doodle from doodle team. Corrie Scalisi is the engineer behind this creative doodle that you could enjoy on 4th August 2014. Doodler explained about the logic at the same time silliness in design of doodle. You can see experience behind the creation of  Venn’s doodle in official Google Doodle page.

Google doodle for Venn makes you to create your own Venn diagram selecting different combination of things provided on both side of circle. Its a pretty good and as mentioned by the doodler, can be enjoyed by people of all age group. Clicking on play button on doodle, you can create your own Venn diagrams, once diagram is created John Venn’s image also comes up in doodle.

John Venn Google Doodle for 180th Birthday
John Venn Google Doodle for 180th Birthday

John Venn

John Venn is born of 4th August 1834 at England.It was for Venn Diagram, pictorially representing the relation of sets, the logician is famous for. Venn diagram found by John is now used in various fields including maths and computer science.

Its  after getting private education and taking degree in Mathematics, John Venn joined as lecturer in Cambridge University. There he taught probabilistic theory also he had great philosophical beliefs, so he also became the lecturer of Moral Science in Cambridge University.

Venn was honored and given many awards during his life time for his contribution of Venn diagram including  Fellow of Royal Society. In memory of Venn a building is named to his name in University of Hull in the year 1928. Venn died on 4 April 1923.

Doodle on Google homepage for 180th birthday of Venn is honor for him. The interactive doodle will be present for 24 hours on Google homepage.