Johann Philipp Reis Birthday Google Doodle

Johann Philipp Reis Birthday was celebrated by Google with this doodle to honor his great invention known as Reis Phone. He was born and bought up in Germany. Reis lost his mother and father during early years of his life. It was his Grandmother, a well educated women found out the talent in him.

Johann Philipp Reis Birthday Google Doodle
Johann Philipp Reis Birthday Google Doodle (January 7, 2009)

Google doodle on January 7th, 2009 was especially dedicated to honor Johann Philipp Reis. In Johann Philipp Reis Birthday Google Doodle  we can see the image of Reis Telephone replacing Google logo alphabet ‘g’. It was in Germany Google published this special doodle on the birthday of Reis.

Reis was a man who thought differently during his life time. But his works didn’t get much recognition and honor during that time. With this Reis doodle Google shows the importance of his works to the world.

From the time school level education itself Reis showed amazing talent in studies and experiments. Reis studied all that he wanted to study from various institutes and made himself stable to experiment new things by including the concepts of physics, mathematics and all that he learned.

Johann Philipp Reis
Johann Philipp Reis

After studying the conduction of sound waves Reis invented the first instrument which can transmit sound up to 100 meters. His invention of telephone was rejected twice but he didn’t give up as he was very much confident about himself. Now it was known as the first make and break telephone in the history which is called as Reis Telephone.

Johann Philipp Reis spend most of his time as an enthusiastic scientist and a lecturer. After affected by tuberculosis also he managed to do his duties and works with his strong will power and dedication for the work. He thought students about his finding and what he learned from his studies.

Johann Philipp was died in the year 1874 January 14th. Though his invention of telephone had not got much popularity during his life time. After 4 year of his death in 1878 a monument was built in memory of him by European scientists in his memory. In 1961 a postal stamp was made in honor of him remembering his first telephone invention of 1861.

Now every year Johann Philipp Reis Prize is awarded to those who show advancement in the area of communication technology. Now by this Google doodle Google also honored him on his birthday.

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