Jan Karski Google Doodle on 100th Birthday

Google Doodle on 24 April was in memory of Jan Karski. Author, diplomat, activist and professor Karski have decorated all these titles during hi life.

Jan Karski Google Doodle on 100th Birthday
Jan Karski Google Doodle on 100th Birthday(April 24, 2014)

Google Doodle for Karski is presented on his 100th birthday. In doodle for Karski, image of Karski is included in black suite holding book , replacing alphabet ‘o’. All other Google alphabets are included in the doodle in white font color in red background.

Karski was born in the year 1914  on St. John’s Day in Poland. After taking master degree in law, Karski started his works as war fighter. Jan Karski had gone through many tragic situations during his activities on war time. After the mission during war, in 1952 Karski completed Ph.D from Georgetown University and became professor in college.

Along with this special tribute doodle, Google cultural institute have also prepared a multimedia exhibition on Karski. As part of 100th birthday celebration of Karski many other programs are countrywide in Poland. Special presentations on books about Jan Karski, Exhibition titled ‘Jan Karski.Freedom of amn’, Movie reviews and Discussions on Karski’s activities in World War II , workshop for youth ‘Jan Karski and his times’  are organized as part of it.

Recognizing his works many honors were given to Karski during his life time. Wallenberg Medal  awarder to him in 1991, his statues were placed in many places to show respect for his works for nation in Poland. Karski was nominated for Nobel Prize. Karski died on 13  July  2000 in United States.

After his death in 2000, many awards were given in his name and recognition all over in honor to him. Karski’s name is used by many prominent leaders while mentioning about War and war movements today also in their speech. Google Doodle makes Karski introduced to the world on his 100th birthday.