Jackson Pollock Birthday Google Doodle on January 28

January 28th was a golden day to mark in the world history as it’s the birthday of great artist Jackson Pollock. By publishing a Jackson Pollock Birthday Google Doodle in the homepage including the artwork of Pollock honored this great personality.

Jackson Pollock Birthday Google Doodle
Jackson Pollock Birthday Google Doodle (January 28, 2009)

It was in drip painting Pollock became world famous. In the Pollock Google doodle also we can see this drip painting. This drip painting that includes a wide composition of colors clearly shows how his art works was. In the Pollock doodle the entire logo is replaced by one of his work.

Jackson Pollock was born in the year 1912. He was bought up well in his childhood. Then in 1943 Pollock signed a contract to create Mural painting of 78 feet tall and 20 feet long.

Jackson Pollock was a master in liquid painting. It was in the year 1936 he introduced this kind of painting and later he concentrated on pouring paint in to canvas and creating beautiful art works which is famous all over the world. He then worked out a unique painting method using his entire body without using easel and brush.

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock

It was during the time 1947, most of his works got birth. After 1951 Jackson Pollock works were changed in to a different format. Most of them were in darker shades after that period.

It was in 1955 he painted his last works. Then after in 1955 Jackson Pollock entered in making sculpture works.  It was in the year 1956 he died. It was in a car crash he lost his life.

Some of his works include Eye in the heat, the she wolf, Full Fathom Five, Number 1, Number 5, Blue poles, convergence, the deep and mural. Google respected his skills and creative style with this beautiful Jackson Pollock doodle which is the clear reflection of one of his works. B presenting this doodle, Google not only honored him but also the artistic works that got birth from him.